Basic Photography Class  

to be announced

Basic 35mm and digital camera and flash photography

How to operate your camera in the manual mode

F-stops and shutter speed

Depth of field

Light meter

Electronic flash using manual settings

Lens flare

basic nighttime photography


Your camera MUST have manual settings and you need to read the instruction book before class

Electronic flash - capable of manual control

Bring both instruction manuals with you.

Spare batteries for your camera and flash

5' sync cord for your flash

Cable or electronic shutter release for your specific camera



Rain gear and umbrella

Normal lens for your camera with macro mode or close-up auxiliary screw-on lens set

35mm film will be provided

CDs will be provided

"AA" batteries will be provided

Comfortable clothing - we will be working outside, rain or snow or sunshine

Class Schedule     Dress is casual

Day 1        0800-1700 hours

Day 2        1500-2300 hours

  contact me at 602-223-2477 or 602-818-2670 or


These 2 forms must be filled out and sent to me.

Registration Form

Equipment Form


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